Want To Submit To Dear Hope?

Dear Hope is an ever growing community of contributors and that can include you!

Submit Work Collage

Here at Dear Hope we believe strongly in two things: Art & Storytelling.

We accept any form or medium that you may use to express your mental health. That could be a written account of your struggle, a poem, story, photo, video, research document, or any other way that you may express yourself. Uncensored. All truth.


We have a few different areas of the site that you may consider submitting to.

The “Coping: This is Who We Are” series is a place for you to tell your own story.

The “Articles” section is where you can discuss current events, research, and opinion pieces.

The “Creative Pieces” section is a place for any poem, prose, or story you write.

The “Photography & Art” section displays any piece of art, drawing, painting, sculpture, series, or photograph that you feel is an extension or form of expression of your mental health.

It’s also important to note that sometimes pieces don’t fit into any of these categories, and that’s okay! We will still find a way to publish your piece on our site.

Everything and anything is considered, including work you have already published somewhere else. All credit will be given to you, and linked to any website or blog you wish. Not all work is accepted, but a response is (usually) given within a week.

Email any submission to wemustbebroken@gmail.com

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