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Together we can destigmatize mental illness

and make those who suffer and fight feel less alone.


  1. Paul,

    I could do with some inspiration and this looks like the ideal platform to send you a few articles for publishing. Let me know what sort of stuff you want me to write about mental health and I will only be too happy to oblige.


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  2. Sylvia Plath….the name alone answers who we are. The epitome of my thoughts and lost dreams can be isolated in Ms Plath’s work. Being equalized on a plain with those who are imprisoned in minds that scream for peace and harmony somehow manages to ease the pain and tenor of the enormous potential for harm. I listen to the silence of the night and the volume overcomes any hope for sleep. Waiting for a saviour that will never appear. Jo Dove

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    1. Is this something you wrote or a reference to one of Plath’s works? Or both? Regardless, it’s beautiful, and Plath continues to be one of my favorite writers since reading The Bell Jar when I was in high school.

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      1. Plath grabs my heart….I catch my breath & finally breathe when the reflection of my own life is recognized. She seems to speak my mind….the pain and energy cause my heart to race. Her work “Daddy” broke my heart . Although it was not my father, I too faced this ugliest part of life by the hands of a relative. Sylvia Plath took my hand & led me thru the darkest part of my life …..followed by a similar marital situation. I too was used & some of my work carries the name of a non-author. No longer bitter, I picked up where poor Sylvia was unable to move forward. I am blessed to be alive & free of the users that I seemed to always rely on.

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