Identify me
Attempt to find me
In a sea of sunken dreams
I stay afloat
But only barely on thin arms
I’m a mirror by myself
Reflecting everybody else
But never what I thought or felt
It’s not my time.

It’s the silence that depresses me
And I welcome it subconsciously
I don’t mind.

Even the blind see
Who they want to be
Not contingent on the stares
They are so blissfully unaware
Of what they are
Everyones gaze it petrifies
Because of what it signifies
I feel I’ve lost more of myself
Than I can find

It’s the silence that depresses me
And I welcome it subconsciously
I don’t mind.
And I confront what I repress in me
And I smile at it thankfully
It reminds me of whats real
Reminds me I can feel

And it hurts to know
This is who I am
I’m a mirror myself
Reflecting everybody else
Who am I to deny
my place in their right
I’ll just keep the silence for myself

This is a song from my last band that fell apart way to soon. Hear the song here. 

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Thoughts, An Anonymous Diary – Dear Hope, Never Let us Part

The more you know about this world

the angrier you’ll become.

So don’t believe the words

but stay true to what’s at heart. 

Don’t confuse fate with reason,

Don’t let anything destroy our hope.

Because it’s all we have left.

The clouds we walk are ever-changing

until we find how simple it is.

This was the ending part of a song entitled “Dear Hope, Never Let Us Part” that this blog is based off of. Feel free to read the full lyrics and hear the song here.

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