The more you know about this world

the angrier you’ll become.

So don’t believe the words

but stay true to what’s at heart. 

Don’t confuse fate with reason,

Don’t let anything destroy our hope.

Because it’s all we have left.

The clouds we walk are ever-changing

until we find how simple it is.

This was the ending part of a song entitled “Dear Hope, Never Let Us Part” that this blog is based off of. Feel free to read the full lyrics and hear the song here.


  1. I really like the line, “The clouds we walk are ever-changing”. It shows that although there are days and times that are tough and seem like they are impossible to get through, with practice and motivation, we can get through them and those times will change into times of confidence and happiness.

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    1. Life is life. And no matter how many ups and downs we have when we realize the bigger picture and stop looking at it on a day to day basis, we can really realize how simple it is. Thanks for reading!


    1. Thanks for reading and checking out the song too! It’s an older one I wrote (almost 5 years ago now!) but I still think it’s very relevant and such a big part of my life. I got your comment back on your blog too, remember to take baby steps and you can do it. Gave your blog a follow so I can keep up with it =) good luck!


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