Today is April fool’s day, but you won’t be finding a prank or gag from me on here.


It’s not because I have no sense of humor, or don’t enjoy messing with people every once in a while, but because the topics discussed on this blog are so personal and crucial to so many people’s beings. There’s a lot of people out there who feel mental illness is still treated like a joke, when it is the farthest thing from. I know I’ve felt this way. And I know a lot of other people still do.

Your Mental illness, your depression, your anxiety, your bipolar disorder, your autism, your schizophrenia, your insomnia, your OCD, your eating disorders are all real. And they are a part of you. And it is nothing to be ashamed about. We are all two sides of the same coin, with both self perceived positive and negative things about ourselves. A light side and a dark side. Our preferred self and hated self.


But always remember. There is hope out there. There is support out there. There are people who understand everything you’re feeling and there are people who will remind you that you are not alone. We, together, can keep fighting the fight.

Let me finish off by saying thank you to everyone who has followed this blog so far, there’s almost 200 of you after two months and we just passed 3,000 hits.

The community is growing, and I’m so thankful for every message, comment, and like that I find on everything that is published here. This is only the beginning and I hope to get more and more guest writers on here as time presses forward.


In fact, please comment if you want to share your own story through here in addition to the “Coping: This is Who We Are” series. Find the first post I did myself here. And the second post from my good friend Haley here. Share your story with the world, and let people know they are not alone. 

Today is April Fools day and this is not a joke.

Mental Illness is real.

And we are not alone.

You are all loved.



  1. I would love to share my story if you’d like!!! Are there specific requirements or guidelines? Btw I love your blog so much 🙂 I always look forward to reading your posts and your friend Hayley’s as well 🙂

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    1. It’s up to you how you choose to write it! I see you liked my original post too. You basically detail your struggle (as in depth as you want) And what’s workwd/doesn’t work with coping. Then where you’re at right now. Email me at pfalcone12@Gmail for more info or when you’re done!

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  2. My entire family has been stricken by one mental illness or another. So much so, believe it or not, Johns Hopkins University ran a study on our family regarding the hereditary factors for depression and mental illness… I chose not to submit myself in the study, at least by choice. My brother did but his file went to the wrong department so he pulled it. My point is lately I had a genome test done that told me that I had a genetic likelihood of psychiatric problems, cholesterol, heart disease etc. It started poly morphism.

    Recently I discovered the link between a sick hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis and mental illness.

    My lab showed polymorphism. I have a problem with this. in almost 30 years of looking at my own depression and my families and going through the experience of medications I have come to a conclusion.

    I believe that 95 percent of mental illnesses are completely physiological which in those cases doctors miss physical issues that can be taken care of but aren’t.

    Think about the first time you were ever stricken with a depression or a mental illness symptoms. Was it after you’ve taken a medication, such as an antibiotic, steroid, inhaler, or maybe you went through a move or a divorce or a loss of a loved one. those things also affect theare pituitary gland and leave us acceptable for cortisol malfunction that look like mental illness either mild or severe. and I think since mental illness has been on the rise for the last 20 to 30 years in traffic numbers and so has the consummation of eating genetically mutated organisms, I begin to wonder. so I start my non GMO today. no excuses. my biggest obstacle will be quitting smoking. Lol. But my son is sherm me as he quit smoking after he eated non GMO it was kind of easy as he said. hmmm I think why not give it a shot wha. do I got to lose except mutated nuclei. so I just wanted courage all of you to continue to erase the stigma even further and do your own research. hugs and blessings.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your story, as it is an incredible one! We don’t often have a lot of people dealing with the details of their scientific findings in regards to their mental illnesses, so you bring up some points I’m definitely going to have to research! I’m glad to hear of this changed mindset you have and your desire to quit smoking, it’s a battle in its own right! I wish you the best of luck, thanks for the follow and for joining the community here. We look forward to hearing more from you!


  3. I hate April Fools Day. I can’t stand the feeling of being made a fool, or making a fool of someone else. Like that look, when they’re all happy and then embarrassed. I go straight to feeling humiliated and it’s awful.

    Thank you for the follow and sharing your own story. I don’t know if anyone would want to hear my own experiences, but you are welcome to use m.

    And now my brain hopped to “Used. Yep, you let anyone use you if it means you’re seen, don’t you, Any?” ugh.

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    1. I can be a jokester sometimes but I try to do it in kind spirits. It’s a balancing act. But your feeling are completely justified so I hope April Fools Day was kind to you this year. And Our minds like to prey on our thoughts, even our genuine ones. Just remember that be commenting and reaching out to people, sharing your story, and opening up you are not demanding for attention or asking to be used. Empathy and the desire to relate to people are positive human qualities that can aid in strengthening you and the ones around you. I know what it’s like to have doubt, trust me, but I promise we are not using you here. We welcome you and hope you can find out something new about yourself here. And if you’re interested in writing a piece for part of the “Coping” series shoot me an email at pfalcone12@gmail !


      1. I like being goofy with people, and I tease my daughters a lot, usually with them giving it right back. I just have this severe reaction to humiliation that borders on psychotic.

        And thank you. I’m not used to this. The acceptance thing is something I haven’t learned how to react correctly to.


  4. GMO cause adrenal problems… For me….a lot of psych meds cause it….I also was could to have hyperinsulin and high sensitive c reactive protein. My cordial function is completely out of wacko.
    But I want to heal….. Demorphing takes spiritual commitment too. Don’t buy into the depression blood tests. They are twisted. your invisable power

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