I’ve come this far with a different map in each of my hands.

They’re drawn completely from memory.

One takes me home, one takes me nowhere in particular.

I always seem to pick the path with all the shortcuts open

And the lines and the circles more steadily drawn.

But not this time.

Let me start by saying that I am incredibly thankful for everyone who has followed or checked out the blog so far. It’s been a little while since I last checked in with a non-creative post, so here we go.

The semester is over.

For a lot of readers, you may have not even realized that this blog started out for a college class. But even before I made my first post I knew this was something that I wanted to make a project, and have become even more passionate about it then I ever imagined.

When I first started the blog, all I knew is I wanted to be more open about my personal battles with mental illness and help be an advocate for it. But as time moved forward and I got a better sense of the community, and myself, I began to expand.

No longer is this completely my project. This is a collaborative work of a community who is fighting to be heard. We have started the Coping Series, which details the individuals battles that we have faced, allowing strangers into our world in an in depth discussion of our journeys with what we fight. We have creative works of poetry, prose, and stories detailing our struggles. A photography section was even recently started with a new project in mind (Seriously, check out the first unedited photo). And every day this community continues to grow.

I’m forever appreciative of the awards that this blog has been recognized for, and those advocating themselves with this blog. I’ve seen many referrers of people linking back to this website, suggesting they join the community and find peace in the words we’ve written here. I appreciate every relationship I forged here, and hope to make many more.

As the class finishes I plan on revamping the website and have had some ideas brewing. First and foremost is the incorporation of a logo. I touched up an old part of the we must be broken album’s artwork to create this logo. (Still a work in progress)


I’d love to hear any thoughts you have for this being the logo to We Must Be Broken/Dear Hope, or any comments about the journey we’ve had so far. As the lyrics by the band A Lot Like Birds state in the beginning, this journey was not a shortcut or the easiest to take, something I usually find myself doing. Instead it was an uphill battle, challenging a stigma, and talking about something too many people still turn a blind eye to. I look forward to this journey as we move forward together.

Always remember you are not alone.

You are loved.




    1. I just replied to your other comment about the nomination as well, but thank you so much. I think the logo is very fitting without being too dark for the subject matter sometimes!


      1. I am home my dear. Hospital didn’t provide much insight, but I guess it ruled out some of the bigger illnesses. I’m doing combined Acupuncture and Physio which will hopefully bring me some relief in the upcoming months… and get me back to work!
        I look forward to reading your next post (:

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I did acupuncture for an undiagnosed wrist problem I’ve battled constantly over the last year (and still do). No where as severe as your fight but it’s frustrating not having an answer. While acupuncture didn’t help the direct problem for me, it did make me feel better overall and relieve a lot of stress. So it should help regardless in some way or another!


      3. Yeah I’ve noticed that it is more of a relaxant than anything else. Physio is good too. But again, it doesn’t fix the problem directly.
        Acupuncture is so common these days!

        Oh trust me, every battle is a battle. I can imagine the wrist problem brings a lot of pain and frustration too!


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