What if depression was shown on the outside?

Would we still try to fight it alone?

Ethan Frame 1 PrintEthan Frame 2 Print

Ethan Frame 3 PrintEthan Final Form Print

Copyright Paul M. Falcone

Find the rest of the Consumed series here.

And find the model Ethan’s blog on nutrition and staying in shape here.


  1. I love this photo series, Paul. I was talking to a friend on Friday, who also suffers from depression, and he said something that stuck with me: “Depression is the only disease that you have to justify why you’re suffering.” Such a strong sentiment. That’s why this photo series means so much. If only people could see what we go through, then maybe they would understand.

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    1. That is actually going to change very soon as I’m working on making a logo that coincides with the background. That image is not mine and I need to get the new one up soon before problems arise. When I started the project of this blog I had no idea what would happen and how large it would grow. To be professional now I’m trying to use only creative commons images and ones of my own. But it is a wonderful picture isn’t it?


  2. Hiya, just dropping a note. I find this a quality representation of artistic representation of depression. Thank you for expressing it. What other concepts and ideas are you thinking in regards to continuing this work?

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    1. I also plan on expanding this to have 20 different entries. I’ll look at personifying different mental illnesses with body paint, along with multiple people in one shot. More details will come soon as I plan on working on these more again in the fall!


    1. In a gallery-setting the pictures from the first consumed set (https://wemustbebroken.com/2015/05/16/consumed-losing-the-fight/) go along with this one. The first three with the female model go into the first three of this set, making each picture get a little darker. The first of the female model is shown in pure white, while the first for the male is already at a grey tone. Above the first three of each set, is the “final form. for the female the background is almost totally dark to symbolize being consumed, whereas for the male, it is a bright white, showing he hasn’t given up yet.


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