Hello everyone!

I apologize if things have seemed quiet as of late, I’ve been recovering from a surgery I had done on my dominate hand and have recently started my final year at my university. But I have some great news.

We have hit over 10,000 views on Dear Hope. 


Ten THOUSAND views in a little over half a year. If you had told me this was going to happen back in February I would have never believed you.

Dear Hope has become a platform where people across the world of all ages are sharing their stories about their struggles with mental illness and overcoming obstacles in life. The inspiration I am filled with day to day from reading all of your work never ceases to amaze me. And I will continue to produce work on my own to the best of my abilities for all of you.

I plan on continuing to develop the “Consumed” photo project that I am working on at school right now, expect lots more there.


The “Coping: This is Who We Are series is sitting at almost 10 entries from people of all different ages from all different places, let’s keep getting more stories in. You never know who your words and journey might connect with.

And the creative section of the site continue to grow strong with poems, letters, photos, and pieces of art. I am amazed at the talent I see come through here, and can’t wait to see what comes next.

We, together, can continue to keep expanding and inviting more people to our community. We can prove to the world that we are not broken. We are people of hope, of triumph, and of inspiration.

Never forget that you are not alone.

You are loved.


Want to submit to this site and share your story, art, or article related to mental health or mental illness? Email wemustbebroken@gmail.com


  1. Thanks for everything. I know I don’t even come close to speaking for myself when I say that. Any outlet of creativity/truth that spreads positive waves of empathy and awareness is always a step in the right direction. Keep it up; I ❤ u 🙂

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