How do you tell your story when you don’t know where to start?
How do you write your story when it only breaks your heart?
How do you find the answers when they really don’t exist?
How do you understand why your life turned out like this? 

How do you find acceptance when you’ve only felt reject?
How do you find true love when your first love was neglect?
How do you ever find the thing you long for most?
The love of your mother, when you only have her ghost?

How do you gain control of something controlling you?
How do you show reality when pretending’s what you do?
How do you undo a whole lifetime of such pain?
How do you find relief from all the madness in your brain?

How do you find your future when your locked up in your past?
How do you find tomorrow when yesterday still lasts?
How do you tell the world the person that they know,
Is hurting so deep down and they don’t know where to go?

I ask so many questions and I have a million more,
So terrified of ever walking through that door,
I’m barely hanging on and I don’t know if I could,
Trust my injured soul in the hands of those I should.

I battle through each day and the long and lonely night,
I need to tell my story but I don’t know what to write,
I need to find release from the shame inside my soul,
I pray someday I’ll find my broken heart made whole.

“How” was submitted and written by Angela McCrimmon.
Always remember you are not alone.
You are loved.
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