Escaping an Incoming Wave

By: Katelyn Chandler


When I was younger we had this game
We would all sneak out at ten.
Meet up past the village light post and run to the local beach.

We played only in the night
And ran into the waves.
You wait by the edge and when the breeze slams you in the face
You run as fast as you can into the incoming wave.

It will knock you over
Sweep you under
Steal breath from you.

First to stay above water the whole time wins.
Though no one ever didThe
waters impact too strong for any of us to escape.
The sea swept us under
It traps us in
Every damn timeJust
as it has
Just as it does
Just as it will.


Thanks to Kate for this amazing piece. You can find her first powerful piece submitted to the site, Sarah’s Poem, here.

Always remember you are not alone.

You are loved.


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