Hope is a word that has always held weight for me. In fact, Dear Hope was the name of the first cd I put out in a band back when I was in a high school band called Scan The Sky. A lot of times in life it feels like this abstract concept, sometimes not even an actual person or something concrete, can get us through our toughest struggles. My name is Paul Falcone, and in my life I’ve personally fought Mental Illness with depression, anxiety, and periods of insomnia since I was thirteen years old. It’s not always easy, and some days are a lot harder than the others. But I’m here still with my 21st birthday approaching next week and still have things I want to share, explore and learn.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I hope to use this blog to bring awareness to many different mental illnesses, and educate those who are willing to listen. Something that bothers me more and more day to day is the stigma that is still attached to these conditions, and the little knowledge many people have about them. I hope to create a kind of community where people can share there struggles and stories, learn about these conditions, and hopefully find themselves through the process. There will be some serious posts about what it feels like to be in these kind of conditions, along with hopeful stories of redemption and continuing the fight. I look forward to this journey together! PF

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