International Suicide Survivor Day

All week I have been struggling to find the words to say to you all in regards to today being International Suicide Survivor Day.

Even now as I write this I find myself deleting and rewriting the same words in some effort to express what I am trying to say.

Overall, I feel proud.

I am proud of myself for taking the conscious effort to continue my own life.

I am proud of all of you who are continuing to fight for your own lives.

As I read through social media news feeds, I see so many people raising their voices and opening up about their own struggles. I read about your own experiences and how hard you fight every day to stay alive, and I am so proud of all of you for continuing to open up and share your personal battles. Not only can it be therapeutic, but by doing so, you are inspiring others. You are showing other people that they do not need to be okay all of the time; you are showing them that a fulfilling life is possible while living with a mental health condition; you are showing them that even if they struggle, recovery is possible and attainable.

At Dear Hope, whenever we read a submission or read your comments, we feel your pain and your joy. We are there with you in your highest and lowest points, and we are rooting for you each and every day.

At Dear Hope, you are always welcomed, needed, and loved.

I’m a fairly emotional person and all I want to do today is hug every single one of you and tell you that you’re doing such a great job. It’s hard, it really is, and fighting can be discouraging and exhausting, and there are days where you feel like all your strength is gone but you’re doing it. You’re living. You may not see the progress you’re making but we do.

On this International Suicide Survivor Day, we want to tell all of you — whether you have been battling with your mental health, have had or still are having harmful thoughts, and to those of you who may have attempted to take your own life — you are a survivor. You are a fighter, and no one can take that away from you.

Lastly, we want to take a moment of silence for everyone who is not here with us. You are missed, loved, and this world is not the same without you. Today shows that you are not alone — there are millions of other people out there that know what you’re feeling.

Today, and every day, we ask that you share your story. Share it with us and share it with those around you. Your story is important and it is valid. We are listening.

You are loved, always.


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We Are The Same

I’m excited as this moves forward. I think it’s worth noting that my main reason for starting this blog was initially for a class I’m taking this semester in college. So some posts will seem more assignment like then others, and I apologize if that makes things a little less cohesive as the weeks go on. But something changed already. I’ve been meaning to start something like this for a while and it’s like as soon as I started posted on here I was flooded with a newfound passion and inspiration to share these kinds of things. If there’s one thing I want to encourage on this blog, it’s a sense of community.

(Assignment Time) What do we all share here?

Three things this community shares…I could probably name a bunch. The most obvious place to start is probably that everyone who is here either has personal or immediate involvement with mental illness. Whether it be depression, anxiety, bipolar (I like to refrain from using the word “disorder”) or anything else. A second thing that everyone has in this community is fight. Because no matter what someone may tell you it is a battle. One that many fight everyday. And sometimes you’re the one fighting. Or maybe you’re fighting for a loved one. Or even, possibly, fighting for someone you barely know. Which brings me to my last shared part of the community. Empathy. This I believe to be true more than anything else. When people are put through these kind of challenges in life they see life itself from a very different perspective. And I know, at least personally, you never want to see someone as low or as in as much trouble as you have been in. In future posts I’ll dive more into empathy and the positive and negative effects in can bring when used too little or too much.

But like I said before, this is a community I hope to start. And I think these are things that we all share. All are welcome.



Dear World,

Hope is a word that has always held weight for me. In fact, Dear Hope was the name of the first cd I put out in a band back when I was in a high school band called Scan The Sky. A lot of times in life it feels like this abstract concept, sometimes not even an actual person or something concrete, can get us through our toughest struggles. My name is Paul Falcone, and in my life I’ve personally fought Mental Illness with depression, anxiety, and periods of insomnia since I was thirteen years old. It’s not always easy, and some days are a lot harder than the others. But I’m here still with my 21st birthday approaching next week and still have things I want to share, explore and learn.

That’s where this blog comes in.

I hope to use this blog to bring awareness to many different mental illnesses, and educate those who are willing to listen. Something that bothers me more and more day to day is the stigma that is still attached to these conditions, and the little knowledge many people have about them. I hope to create a kind of community where people can share there struggles and stories, learn about these conditions, and hopefully find themselves through the process. There will be some serious posts about what it feels like to be in these kind of conditions, along with hopeful stories of redemption and continuing the fight. I look forward to this journey together! PF