I am surrounded by friends. I am alone. 

I am confident. I am insecure. 

I am complete. I am broken. 

I am healthy. I am sick. 

I am one. I am two. 

I am not the same as you.

I am two. But I am one.

I am sick. But I am strong.

I am broken. But I am rebuilding.

I am insecure. But I am moving forward.

I am alone. But I have found comfort in knowing,

We are all the same.



    1. I only (attempted) to allude to the feeling of depression. I didn’t mean to infer the thought of suicide. I tried to make this more optimistic actually, but I apologize if anything made you uncomfortable. I’ll be more careful about how I label my work from now on!

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      1. That was a different piece than the one you commented on. This thread is for a poem I wrote which is why I was confused. And I did not put a trigger warning, you are right. Even though I have the character saved it is important to remember what people have gone though. So I apologize again.

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