I fell asleep into another place and time.
Somewhere in between where the strings align toward another galaxy.

Isn’t the idea of space and motion dimensional in your mind?
The cheddar craters of the moon are dense similar to the unconscious walls in this place.

Sideways in suggestion, the memories channel it all back.
I wasn’t sure if I would come back, or not.
In this zone I am immortal, premature youth, everlasting eternity.

Unity cherishes us entirely.

Elevate between perishable digressions.
Infinitely vague by others preliminary impressions.
I didn’t know where I belonged past these paper-thin sheets.
Travel its forsaken boundaries that separate our inception alike.

Maybe if I sat here Saturn would pass this by.
Setting fire to sleeping burdens in every constricted corner.

I woke up.

I could be drifting off again please excuse my thoughts.
They don’t seem to fit this occasioned equation.
Problems fate couldn’t tame through scattered lost change.

The things I wanted in life, were they obtainable?
I never intended to harm your sunburnt day, or your afternoon when
You thought about me constantly in my suffering of daily prisms.
The energy I had once left my body, unfamiliar to me now like the friends
Who never met at the local schoolyard, sharing the simple joys about life.

These emotions I carry should make me valid. But how you do prove what can’t be seen?
It’s not fair. I can’t establish the present, let alone the future.

I’m scared I can’t be fixed.



This piece comes from my good friend Zachary Johnson. Zach is the photographer for our Consumed series and is currently working with me on the music video for Sabrina Kennedy’s single, “If Only”. Find him on Facebook here.

Always remember you are not alone.

You are loved.


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