“Confessions Through Photograph” is a powerful photography series that details Matthew Malin’s mental health journey through depression, death, and spirituality. Below you’ll read what Malin has to say about the project, along with the photos that will allow you step foot on the path he has walked on this journey of self acceptance.

I was born and raised in a Pastor’s home. Forced to wear a mask from the day I breathed my first breath, I felt like I didn’t have a choice in who I could become. As I grew up and embraced this mask of righteousness, I came upon my first heartbreak. The shattered glass represents my coming to grips with the reality that life, that myself, is broken. This brokenness pushed me into depression and isolation. In the Fall of 2012 I found myself battling demons and almost succumbing to the thoughts of death. I thought death to be a better option than life.

By God’s grace He brought me back to life and face to face with this mask, my inner demons. I had a choice: Would I conform again or fight the devil inside? I’ve spent the last few years running, falling, screaming, and crying for salvation. Ultimately I’m coming face to face with my mask on a daily basis and having to choose to kill it. In these pictures I tear the mask and accept the victory that came through Jesus’ blood.

This entire project serves as a symbolic notion towards the emotional turmoil my heart has endured but the freedom that Jesus can bring to a broken life.


Many thanks to Matthew Malin for his amazing project. Find more of his photos and writing on his blog “Confessions. Always remember you are not alone. You are loved. 


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  1. Were you crying for Jesus or wanted to get out of the mass. Sometimes people who have been raised like you have guilt feeling. Don’t let it get to you; I had to realize that along time ago.

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    1. I have intense issues with unreasonable guilt almost 24/7. I would almost say that one of my triggers is guilt of failure and thoughts that I’ll never be able to be better. I’m steadily tackling this issue but it’s so difficult! Thank you so much for reading!!


  2. Hi there! I’m so glad you liked them and that they touched you. I am not a pro photographer, though I do love taking pictures. A close friend of mine is a photographer and he and I have been working on this project for about 6 months. It’s been so much fun! I actually have more pictures coming out tonight from this photoshoot. 🙂


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