It can sometimes feel like my mind never switches off. I’m constantly jumping from one thought to another in a frenzied stream of consciousness that can make me restless at best and panicked at worst. It’s very hard to distinguish them from each other sometimes. I saw this picture of a fern and it looks like it is in motion even though it’s still, and that really conveyed this feeling for me.




I enjoy the company of others, just not me being part of that company. I’d rather be a wallflower or a ghost in a crowd. Social anxiety is something that requires a lot of work to overcome.




This was near the start of my current journal. When you deal with mental illness/low mental health, coping with it will never be a steady improvement. There will always be peaks and troughs. Because of this, it often feels like an unbreakable cycle–like falling back down is inevitable.




Depression is a label that I hadn’t associated with what I felt for a long time, and I’m only recently coming to terms with the fact that I experience it. This is something I made when I was at my lowest point this year. I spent most of my time dragging myself through the motions of university life and trying to avoid myself at all costs with distractions.



These pieces were submitted by the wonderful Amelia A. J. Foy, an undergraduate psychology student in London, UK. You can find more of Amelia’s incredible artwork on her Tumblr and Instagram pages. Feel free to give Amelia some love in the comments.

Always remember you are not alone.

You are loved.

Your new Editor-in-Chief,

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