Bleeding Art

I need to visit Darkness
and feel insane
To feel the sadness
and blame
I need to spend my age
In a painful world
To fill my pages
With words
Make me sink Sweetheart
and let me bleed art
Make me feel wrong or
Then leave me with something
to write.



Too Dark For You

I’ve never been enough
I’m too dark for you
I’m too hard to be understood
I never should have told you
I never should have let you see inside

You always shine
So brightly
With your beautiful

Just like the Sun

But I’m always alone
So sad
With my ugly

Just drowning in the Dark.




I remember once
You said “I can’t live without you”
That’s funny how it changed to
“I really want to leave you”
But don’t be sad my love
You will find someone better
And pain is watching me from above
ready to jump on me like an animal
But don’t take it seriously
It’s natural
and sadness became a part of me
like an endless need
like an addiction
But my heart will always bleed
Without your affection.




Darling, I’ve never loved solitude
Honestly no one does

So please allow me to serve you
Or set me free

Break these chains of loneliness
I’m tired of slowly sinking alone

Splash new colors on my life
I’m tired of black

Make me feel new feelings
I’m tired of my emptiness

Show me how to spread my wings
I’m tired of running away from my demons

Take my hand and show me how to write
New words, words that I’ve never written

Show me new sounds that I’ve never heard
I’ve been a deaf for a long time

Show me how to open these doors
I really tried but I couldn’t

Be my flower and I will be your Bee
I will get my resources from you

Be my sun and make me forget
The taste of Darkness

But do I deserve your cure?



This selection of poetry was written by Mashiro, a talented poet who we feel so lucky to feature on our site. You can find some more from Mashiro on his Tumblr and his Deviant Art. Feel free to give some love to Mashiro in the comments!

Always remember you are not alone.

You are loved.


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  1. I could not choose any favourites in the selection of poems that you published. All of them are thought-provoking and it is as if it spoke out to me. Thank you for introducing me to the talented writer. Much love ❤


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