About a month ago I was wasting time browsing through my Facebook newsfeed wondering why I’m still friends with as many people as I am when I came across an article an old english teacher had shared called “My Lovely Wife in the Psych Ward”That’s an interesting title I thought. Upon further observation I realized that this was a personal tale from a man named Mark who knew almost nothing about mental illness as his wife, Giulia, descended into madness from hers. But here’s the best part you don’t hear too often. He stayed by her side and still loves her after two check-ins with a psych ward. All too often I think we see any mental illness as something crippling and something that makes people broken. In turn this makes people who fight these things feel even worse, thinking that no one will stay with them or ever be able to love them. Yet here is an example of a more extreme case where the partner stays, learns, and adjusts their life because they realize there are so many positives that she still brings to his life.images-2Regardless if you face these things or not, this is still an excellent read. I encourage you to check it out and to always remember you are capable of love and being loved. No matter how bad things may be there are people out there who understand and who will listen. Things can get better. And things will get better. Here’s a picture of Mark and Giulia with their son Jonas. (Photo Cred: Mark Lukach)


Click Here for the link to the story.


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