Today, our fourth installment of Eating Disorder Awareness Week is two poems. The first, posted below, is from Kelsey-Brooke Scheumann, who submitted a poem titled ‘The Deadly Promise” to Dear Hope in the past. ‘The Fine Print’ picks up where the previous poem left off.

You lied to me.
I fell for your twisted game.

I signed your contract.
Bond to you, for years.

I traded in my friends,
my joy, and my youth
to keep our deadly promise.

It was never enough.
You always wanted more from me.
You wanted until
I was too vulnerable to fight back,
too weak to stand.

My eyes grew empty
and my body was hollow.

You were never my friend
you wished me dead.
And eventually I wanted the same.

I didn’t expect to sacrifice
so much to be “perfect”.

At the end of it all.
I had achieved nothing,
and felt ice cold.

If only I had taken the time,
to read the fine print.

Find “The Deadly Promise,” Kelsey’s previous submission, here.

Stay tuned for another poem later tonight.

Remember, you are not alone,

and you are loved. 


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