Below is a compiled list of every publication on Dear Hope, broken down into categories. 

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Creative Writing Pieces:

A poetry selection – Mashiro

A poetry selection – Mouse

A selection of poetry – Aisha Arif

An Aspiring Nihilist – Hannah Buckley

Arachnophilic – Danny Kochanowski

Binary – Paul Falcone

Dear Hope, Never Let us Part – Paul Falcone

Don’t – Caroline Koty

Don’t Give Up: A Day in The Life of Raili – Raili Tanska

Doubt: Sarah’s Poem – Kate Chandler

Dream/Nightmare – Zachary Johnson

Elevator – Paul Falcone

Escaping an Incoming Wave – Kate Chandler

Familiarity – R.E

Fin. – Thomas Finne

Floating/Drowning – Paul Falcone

Giving My Illness a Name – R.E

Graduation – Danny Kochanowski

Her – Alessandra Ortiz

How? – Angela McCrimmon

How I Feel – Paul Falcone

I Am – Paul Falcone

I Didn’t Want You to Know Because… – Morgan Stabile

I grew in the most unexpected of places – Skye (TPT)

Identity – Christian Dimare

In Defense of Poetry: A Coping Mechanism – Woody Woodger

Inner Demons – Jamie Haines

Keep Walking, Don’t Worry – Cal

Making it Real – Nicholas Woods

Medicine – Paul Falcone

Mental Suicide – Paul Falcone

Monday – Danny Kochanowski

Morning Routine: A Short Story – Alessandra Ortiz

Moving On: diary entries through the years – Stacy Wacks

Nervosa – Evan Crimmins

Nightingale – RJ Bingham

No Last Time – Hanna Lange

Outlooks – Paul Falcone

Painful Feelings – Elie Zimring

Part 1 – Ali Zagame

Part 2 – Ali Zagame

Pull the Trigger – Christian DiMare

quiescent ontogeny (shedding September skin) – Danny Kochanowski

Silence – Matthew Malin

Sleepless Nights – Paul Falcone

The Alpha and Omega of The Out of Body Girl – Joyce Hayden

The Lie that Ableism Feeds Us – Selissa Leonard

The Deadly Promise – Kelsey-Brooke Scheumann

The Fine Print – Kelsey-Brooke Scheumann

The Phone Rings – Paul Falcone

To My Ninth Grade Self – Becca W.

Unraveling The Stigma – Tiffany

“Unused Suicide Note” – A Look Back on The Night I Almost Took My Life – Morgan Stible

Watching Her Go – Kelsey

Windshield – Paul Falcone

you are loved – R.E


Photography/Art Showcases:

1 in 4: a selection from “Behind The Mask” – Rivka Korf

A Selection of Poems and Art After Losing My Daughter – Peter Bruun

“Almost” & “What Gets Me Through the Day – Ethar

An Unbreakable Cycle – Amelia A. J. Foy

“Confession Through Photograph” A Powerful Series on Depression, Death & Spirituality – Matthew Malin

Consumed: The Original Shot – Paul Falcone/Zach Johnson/Alyssa Rogalski

Dark Night of The Soul – Dave Carlin

Dysphoria and Self-Image: an artist’s depiction of struggle and recovery – Claire Frederick

Free Your Mind – Leandra Luizinho

Hazel Bloom: “Was It All Worth It” – Dave Carlin

Internalization – Gillian Maurer

It’s Not All In Your Head. Consumed: Mental Illness Through Photography – Paul Falcone/Zach Johnson/Alyssa Rogalski

Letting Go –  Greg Best

Life Pain – Donna Shell

Liminal creatures: Lorca the Papergheist and Artistry Through Agoraphobia – Lorca Jolene

Of Two Minds – Chris Eaton

Sabrina Kennedy’s “If Only” Music Video premier – Sabrina Kennedy

Still Fighting – Alessandra Ortiz

“Tension” – A Beautiful Discomfort – Corey Marsh

The Happiness Project – Zach Cooper

The Insecurity Project – Giana Murphy

The Next Step – Beth Gilbert

We Are All Continuous and Beautiful Works In Progress – Rebecca Divico


Coping: This is Who We Are Series:

Entry 1: Depression – Paul Falcone

Entry 1.5 : How My Depression Made Me Who I Am – Paul Falcone

Entry 2 – Depression and Faith, Finding Yourself Through Struggle – Haley Batchelder

Entry 3: From My Suicide Note to Now, A Heart Moving Outwards – Danny Kochanowski

Entry 4: Sleep On It – Cassandra Reitano

Entry 5: “We Are All Continuous and Beautiful Works In Progress” – Rebecca Divico

Entry 6: 1 in 4: How I Learned To Be A Survivor (And Learned To Live Again) – Alaina Leary

Entry 7: Surviving The Specter – Chris (Surviving The Specter)

Entry 8: Speak Up, Speak Loud: You Are Not Alone In Your Abuse – Jen Goehring

Entry 9: Depression & Belonging – Anonymous

Entry 10: “Guilt, Shame, and Hope” – Operahell

Entry 11: Navigating The Fog, My Journey To Accepting My Depression – Matt

Entry 12: A Story of Losing Something I Never Lost – Taylor Graff

Entry 13: Recovered and Still Struggling: Living Life Post ED – Kelly Griffin

Entry 14: Being a Twin With Anxiety: My Challenge With Isolation and Inadequacy – Pat Jost

Entry 15: When Good Grades Aren’t Enough: Mental Illness, Stress, and My Sexual Identity – Jacquelyn Pack

Entry 16: A Day Without Love: How My Depression Made Me Who I Am – Brian Walker

Entry 17: An Empty Home & An Empty Stomach: My Lifelong Struggle With Eating Disorders – Celeste Blodgett

Entry 18: A Journal On The Imperfections of Perfection – Kelly Sorge

Entry 19: Defining Normal: Finding Myself Through Depression and Hospitalizations Sandra Mercer

Entry 20: Depression, Faith & Isolation – Matthew Malin

Entry 21: Finding Home & Finding Myself: The Climb Back Up From Suicidal Thoughts – Stacy Wacks

Entry 22: The Violent Ward – Leif Gregersen

Entry 23: My Electro-Convulsive Treatment Experience – Fishspit

Entry 24: Confession of a Surviving Liar – Icess Fernandez Rojas

Entry 25: Highs and Lows: My journey with self-doubt, anxiety, and assault – Deanna Nesti


A Message to Myself: It’s Not Your Fault Samantha B

A Phone Call To Connecticut, A Phone Call From Idaho – Paul Falcone

“Active Minds”: What Conversation Are We Changing? – Danny Kochanowski

An Emotional Letter From A Bipolar Mother To Her Children – Tessa Smeigh

Clean House – Anonymous

Dreamless/Sleepless: Does Dreaming Encourage Sleeping? – Paul Falcone

Dungeons and Dragons Gave Me My Life Back from Anxiety – Shane Pellitier

Eating Disorder Awareness Week: An Introduction – Danny Kochanowski

Extinguishing the Invisible Fire: Changing the Conversation on College Suicide – Danny Kochanowski

Forgotten Soldiers: Memorial Day, Veterans, & Mental Health – Amanda Canale

Friendship, Storytelling, and Mental Health – What I Learned After My Friends Recent Passing – Stacey Lehrer

Having Depression When Your Busy Life Slows Down – Paul Falcone

How I Learned Not to Romanticize Mental Illness – Alaina Leary

Hiding Visible Scars: Why I’m Glad Someone Asked Me The Difficult Questions Beth Teaque

I Wear a Mask Rebecca Divico

I’m Depressed: We Speak Our Own Language Paul Falcone

Insomnia: I Had A Dream I Fell Asleep Paul Falcone

Interview with the Artist: A Day Without Love’s “Solace” – Danny Kochanowski

Just Sit Back And Relapse Again – KaLeena Genette

Let’s Talk About Death: An Alternative Approach to Mental Health – Danny Kochanowski

Losing Your Mother to Mental Illness – Ariana Hegarty

Mental Health & Social Media: Home Alone Downloading While Everyone Else is Uploading – Paul Falcone

On the Outside Looking In – Paul Falcone

Overbooked: Help Put On Hold – Paul Falcone

He Called Me The “T” Word. – Morgan Alyse

International Suicide Survivor Day – Amanda Canale

Mental Health, Music, and Community: An Interview With Sounds and Tones Records Paul Falcone

Mental Illness is Real: An Anti-April Fools Day Post Paul Falcone

Mental Illness: The Numbers Paul Falcone

My Journey Accepting Bipolar Disorder: I Don’t Need to Be Medicated – Anonymous

My Mental Illness Is Part of Me, But Not Who I Am Paul Falcone

My Reflection: Days and Nights With My Eating Disorder – Morgan Alyse

Questions as Daggers, Questions as Saviors Sandra Mercer

Rid The Stigma: Using Mental Illnesses as Adjectives Paul Falcone

Smoke Detectors: An Evolutionary Silver Lining Behind Anxiety – Danny Kochanowski

Societal Stigmas, Gender Norms, and their Effect on Mental Health – Amanda Canale

The Bell Jar Paul Falcone

The First (Last) Step: Asking For Help Paul Falcone

The Many Forms of Self Harm – Paul Falcone

The Unpredictability of Anxiety Ian Fullbrook

Treasure Map to Confidence – Sydney

We Are The Same –  Paul Falcone

What Are Eating Disorders? Danny Kochanowski

Why is Happiness so Hard? Rebecca Divico

World Suicide Prevention Day: a conversation – Sandra Mercer


Thanks to every single person around the world who was a part of this community. 

Always remember you are not alone. You are loved. 




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